Friday, May 7, 2010

Ode to a Fallen Friend

I will always remember that autumn afternoon
When our lives became inextricably intertwined
Such a precious gift of life and pure love had been bestowed unto me
I knew I would never return to the person I once was
I will always remember our long walks through forests of evergreen and oak
Where you would explore to your eager heart's content
Many a time I would fear for your safety
Calling out your name in anger
I am sorry for that
I will always remember those cold winter nights
When you would curl up beside me beneath the covers
your body keeping me warm, your presence assuring security
I will always remember returning home
knowing you would be at the front door
posied and ready to greet me
so happy it seemed you were smiling
I will always remember our car rides through town,
your head hanging out the passenger side window, the wind caressing your face
I will always remember that no matter how much trouble you caused
I could never stay mad at you
I will always remember the little things
like the corn chip smell of your feet
I will always remember your loyalty
I will always remember your strength and will to carry on
And I will never forget our final moments, our final car ride
But I was not at the wheel and the wind no longer caressed your face
Holding you in my arms through struggled breaths, a stoic warrior until death
You should not have left that way
You deserved much better
And people will mock and scorn my tears
They will laugh inside because you were not like them and I
No, my gentle friend, you are a far kinder soul than we shall ever be

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